Not just Royalty threatening magazine industry!


The great thing about Wealthifi and “Questions for today” is that we don’t necessarily have to have the answers. We just throw the grenade and get the hell out of Dodge.
Our conscience is clear because at least we made you think about it. We don’t always have the answers (actually we do but that’s for the premium product) but the point is at least you know what you should be asking your advisor.

On that note Hewlett Packard’s MagCloud service had us shaking our heads in despair for the old school magazine publishers and distribution industry. Bloomberg Business week wins a lollypop for this, and for all intense purposes it’s another example of a ‘disruptive technology’ shift that’s going to murder another 200+ year old industry.

Picture this, a cloud based service that allows you to create your own magazine that can be sold either digital (rendered for smartphones/tablets etc.) but that can also be professionally printed and posted to luddites like venkman. That’s right the greasy oik down the street can create his/her own professionally formatted magazine and deliver it as digital or as a real tangible magazine posted through your letterbox like a magazine subscription.  Drag and drop choose your topic or speciality and you made a mag.

Forget hiring full time writers, call centres or paying printers to print a minimum amount of copies that you have to deliver to shops to sit on shelves collecting dust (unless on the top shelf).  Now you can use the internet/social networks to build up your following and direct market them your premium content to their smartphones/tablets or letterbox etc. Even old school types like venkman can have a professionally printed copy (courtesy of HP) posted to them. This is the future. venkman is already thinking about a venkman magazine. He won’t be the only person obsessed with Shang China.

Which is all a bit a downer if you are in the business of making magazines or selling them from high fixed cost (rents) shops on the dying high streets or B2B industry content. Basically they are screwed.

In other words, we wouldn’t want to be investors in magazine publishers like Axel Springer, EMAP, Euromoney, Wilmington, Future, Mondadori, L’Espresso, Telegraaf or Impressa.

Nor the distributors/retailers like WH Smith or Smiths News.

… but you are. Ask your advisor.



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