Media Sector: HBO is a gem but sports content is critical….

game of thrones

As the mainstream headlines salivate over a Fox and Time Warner combination there has  been a consensual view that HBO is the gem Fox wants . We agree HBO is a gem but a few other snippets caught our eye in recent days.

1. Manchester United just announced a 10 year gear deal with adidas worth £750 million. The previous 13 year deal with Nike was struck at £303 million. Inflation or what…?

2. Twitter’s all-time record usage spike was triggered by FIFA World Cup drama.

It just so happens Time Warner owns a load of sports rights. The best summary we’ve seen so far is on Fox’s own “Outkick” football site which lists the properties of Time Warner over the next decade…

Turner: Half of the NBA package, the NCAA Tournament in conjunction with CBS, some Major League Baseball, most of the PGA Championship.

Now look at what a Fox/Turner combination looks like from the same source…

Fox would have: The NFL’s NFC package, most Major League baseball, the Big East basketball, the World Cup and FIFA soccer events except the EPL, half the MLS, the US Open golf, half of the Big 12 and the Pac 12, half of the Big Ten Network, NASCAR and the UFC, half of the NBA package, the NCAA Tournament, and most of the PGA Championship.

We suspect this is the true battle ground for all new and old distribution platforms in the coming years. Unfortunately most rights are sown up so you do wonder what Google, Apple and others are going to do?  Rupert has already moved, will Disney(ESPN) ?

Let the Game of Sports Thrones begin…




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