Looking for inflation? Check out Man Utd….

Chinese soccer fans of English Premier L

Through 2014 we wrote regularly about the critical value attached to live broadcast content. Recently we wrote about news content and Twitter and yesterday was sport’s turn to shine…

The English Premier League football TV rights have been sold to SKY and BT for £5.14 billion. That’s a 70% hike on the last package deal. How many other franchises are selling a product whose value is growing by 70% on Planet ZIRP? Not too many and even within the football world there are only a few truly global franchises. Manchester United is one of the few with huge Asian traction and its share price is up by 7% since the announcement but one suspects there will be more investment capital moving into this space as the “live content is king” message begins to percolate into mainstream investment thinking.

As an aside, we also wrote previously in “Man Utd or LA Clippers….content is king” that we didn’t believe Steve Ballmer was that mad to buy the NFL franchise, the LA Clippers, for $2 billion. Reckon he’s pretty happy with 70% sports rights inflation too…

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