Apple creates FedEx overnight…!!!

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Wowzers! Apple smashed lots of records last night and investors are using the latest data to assess the “value” they missed in the franchise before the results. Early indications suggest Apple’s market value will rise by $50 billion today….

That’s a lot of “value” missed by investors. In fact, it is almost the exact equivalent to the market capitalisation of the global logistics giant FedEx which has been creating value/wealth since 1971. It must be slightly galling for logistics veterans to witness Apple “create” that value overnight. After all, FedEx is a crucial part of the supply chain miracle which allowed Apple sell 34,000 iPhones every hour, every day in Q1, generate $75 billion of sales and throw off $33 billion of cash flow. And now Apple sits on a $178 billion cash pile which could buy IBM today. Just wow !!


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